Sausalito, CA

A previous owner of this three-story, luxury waterfront duplex in Sausalito tried to convert the basement into a third rental unit. The building was sold when a building permit was not granted. The new owners live on both floors, and decided to turn the basement into a second garage to restore classic cars. A supporting wall was removed and replaced with a 20 feet long steel beam, and an existing window opening was enlarged to facilitate a sectional overhead door. Several related structural modifications were made on both floors above.

Top photo shows the finished project. The picture above shows drywall work in progress.

This is not a typical garage. The concrete floor received an epoxy-based coating with color chips mixed-in. Baseboards were installed as well as a large flat screen television and a surround-sound audio system.

The floor color above is closer than that depicted in the preceding picture. Fluorescent lights tend to impart a greenish cast in digital photography.
Storage and shelving (not shown) in room beyond.

The basement window before it was enlarged and replaced with an overhead door.

Steel post-to-beam connection detail.



Piedmont, CA

This photo shows the new garage at left, and its placement in relation to the backyard and main house.

A long driveway slopes from the street down toward the garage. A trench drain was installed in front of the doors to prevent water from entering.
The garage doors are a replication of the originals, shown in a photo below.

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The old garage had met its expiration date. Walls were leaning and the floor was sagging. The old doors can be seen at right.

Demolition nearing completion.