Berkeley, Piedmont, Oakland

Following are photographs of three different bathroom remodel projects. All but the last were complete 'tear-outs', meaning entire interiors were removed down to studs and joists. While more work, this route is preferable as it enables repair of water damage, updating of framing and utility systems, and installation of new thermal and sound insulation.

Berkeley Hills

The entire original bathroom was demolished with exception of the original, full-size cast iron tub. Since the old one was in great shape and new ones are no longer available, the client opted to have it refinished. Hand-made Spanish tiles below the tub were also saved, as a nod to the original design of the house. Of interest is the temperature control valve that regulates water temperature for the bath, body spray, and overhead shower. All that is left to adjust are the volume controls for each outlet. Also visible is a half-panel of glass that keeps shower water from spraying onto the floor. The panel is hinged, so getting in and out of the shower is a breeze. Framing was reinforced in key locations so grab bars can be installed at a later date, if desired.

This bathroom is rather narrow, so the semi-recessed sink is a perfect solution. The client hand-selected a slab of granite, which was then cut, finished, and installed. In view is also a wall-mounted Gerberit dual-flush toilet. I love the look of it, and its dual-flush buttons ('samba' and 'rumba') are great water savers.

The custom cabinet was made from Medex, a moisture-resistant wood product. Pigmented conversion varnish finish was applied to the exterior.
An electrical receptacle was installed under the top, to the left of the sink. This preserves the clean look of the backsplash.
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An adjoining closet wall was moved about 12 inches to allow for a larger shower stall.

A carefully planned shampoo niche. It is surprising how much consideration goes into small details!

Basin and cabinet from Sonia.

Avalon 62 Series faucet from California Faucets.



This shower features a neo-angle shower door assembly with mounting clips at the curb and a frame along the top for added strength.

CVAN worked with clients who took care of painting and wood restoration themselves. Gold border tiles are backed with actual gold leaf.


Water-saving, dual-flush toilet. New Marmoleum flooring. Client stripped paint from the original redwood baseboards.